Wound Care Clinic

Wound care

Most wounds – whether from infection, trauma, diabetes, poor circulation, hospitalization, surgery or other health issues – heal without any complications. But there are risks factors in our lives and environment that can delay or stop the healing process. Wounds that fail to heal can diminish one’s quality of life and lead to other medical problems.

TMC’s Wound Care Center offers an approach that uses the most advanced tools for the diagnosis and treatment of non-healing wounds. Our number one goal is to help heal your wounds so you can get back to enjoying life. Our caring staff members go the extra mile to give you the best care possible. We respect every patient’s unique health needs and believe that educating patients about their condition empowers them to become actively involved in their recovery.


Treatment to protect diabetic wounds and venous ulcers with skin substitutes

Technologically advanced dressings

Post-surgical wounds

Progressive skin and bone infections

Other hard-to-heal wounds

Your physician can schedule a consult with our Wound care providers by calling 816-404-0099.

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